Based in Luxembourg, Atelier Van Weis is a brand creating handmade luxury leather goods. Specialized in custom orders, our pieces are made from luxurious fabrics for those who appreciate traditional craftmanship, high quality and unique pieces.

Atelier Van Weis stands for quality, tradition, sustainability and uniqueness.


In this time of fast fashion, much tradition has been lost. Honoring traditions, we only use techniques used by our past craftsmen. Gluing, pricking and sewing fulfilled by hand without the help of machines.

Our products are designed to accompany our customers for a long time and be passed from one generation to another.


Quality starts with the material. To deliver you high quality products we only source our skins from well-known tanneries.
A lot of time flows into production, we take care of every detail and each item is fully lined. A customized handbag can take up to 60 hours to be completed.

All skins are high grade and ethically sourced.